Abhineet Singh | Head of Investments
Alsiraj Holdings

Abhineet Singh, Head of Investments, Alsiraj Holdings

Abhineet Heads Global investment portfolio at Al Siraj Holdings, A renowned Single-Family Office in Oman. He has more than a decade of Experience in investment management industry, managing portfolio for multiple family offices. He had previously worked with institutional research organizations such as Fidelity International (UK) and S&P global. During His career, he not only specialized in global sectors such as Technology, Industrials, Financials , and Consumers, but also in the developed and frontier markets.
Abhineet holds an MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai and has successfully completed Value Investment Program from Columbia Business school, US. He is also a Financial Risk Manager (FRM,US) Charter holder.


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Protecting against inflation risk: exploring the strategies offering the best inflation hedge

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