Past Speakers


Neeraj Agrawal, Executive Director, CE Operates, United Arab Emirates

Neeraj Agrawal | Executive Director | CE Operates » speaking at MEIS

Kokila Alagh, Founder, KARM Legal Consultant, United Arab Emirates

Kokila Alagh | Founder | KARM Legal Consultant » speaking at MEIS

Charlotte Bailey, Managing Director, TMF Group

Charlotte Bailey | Managing Director | TMF Group » speaking at MEIS

Antony Barker, Managing Director Asset and Liability Management, The Pension SuperFund, United Kingdom

Antony Barker | Managing Director Asset and Liability Management | The Pension SuperFund » speaking at MEIS

Nathanael Benzaken, Chief Client Officer, Lyxor Asset management, France

Nathanael Benzaken | Chief Client Officer | Lyxor Asset management » speaking at MEIS

James Bernard, Regional Representative - Europe, Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, United Arab Emirates

James Bernard | Regional Representative - Europe | Dubai Multi Commodities Centre » speaking at MEIS

Michael Bodley, Senior Writer, Hedge Fund Alert

Michael Bodley | Senior Writer | Hedge Fund Alert » speaking at MEIS

Daniel Booth, Chief Investment Officer, Boarder to Coast Pension Partnership

Daniel Booth | Chief Investment Officer | Boarder to Coast Pension Partnership » speaking at MEIS

Arun Chulani, Head Of Principal Investments, First Water Family Office, India

Arun Chulani | Head Of Principal Investments | First Water Family Office » speaking at MEIS

Tom Cochrane, Partner, Walkers, United Arab Emirates

Tom Cochrane | Partner | Walkers » speaking at MEIS

Anirudh Damani, Managing Partner, Artha Venture Fund, India

Anirudh Damani | Managing Partner | Artha Venture Fund » speaking at MEIS

Ruchi Dana, Partner, Dana Family office, United Arab Emirates

Ruchi Dana | Partner | Dana Family office » speaking at MEIS

Arash Dara, Group Chief Executive Officer, Lootah Holding LLC, United Arab Emirates

Arash Dara | Group Chief Executive Officer | Lootah Holding LLC » speaking at MEIS

Jean Francois Desjacques, Chief Executive Officer, Eastinwest Sa, Switzerland

Jean Francois Desjacques | Chief Executive Officer | Eastinwest Sa » speaking at MEIS

Alpesh Doshi, Director, Fintricity, United Kingdom

Alpesh Doshi | Director | Fintricity » speaking at MEIS

Bruno Dupire, Head of Quantitative Research, Bloomberg, United States

Bruno Dupire | Head of Quantitative Research | Bloomberg » speaking at MEIS

Ramy Echo, Managing Director, Echo Capital, United Arab Emirates

Ramy Echo | Managing Director | Echo Capital » speaking at MEIS

Ersoy Erkazanci, Correspondent, Bloomberg, United Arab Emirates

Ersoy Erkazanci | Correspondent | Bloomberg » speaking at MEIS

Emilio Escartin, Professor Of Islamic Finance, I.E. Business School, Spain

Emilio Escartin | Professor Of Islamic Finance | I.E. Business School » speaking at MEIS

Michael Fay, Queen's Counsel, Agon, British Virgin Islands

Michael Fay | Queen's Counsel | Agon » speaking at MEIS

Simon Filmer, Managing Director, Vistra, United Arab Emirates

Simon Filmer | Managing Director | Vistra » speaking at MEIS

Neil Flemming, Founder, MENA Angel Investor, United Arab Emirates

Neil Flemming | Founder | MENA Angel Investor » speaking at MEIS

Karim Ghannam, CEO & Co-Founder, 8F Investment Partners, Singapore

Karim Ghannam | CEO & Co-Founder | 8F Investment Partners » speaking at MEIS

David Gibson-Moore, President, Gulf Analytica, United Arab Emirates

David Gibson-Moore | President | Gulf Analytica » speaking at MEIS

Philip Graham, Partner, Harneys, British Virgin Islands

Philip Graham | Partner | Harneys » speaking at MEIS

Simon Gray, Head Of Business Development And Marketing, BVI Finance, British Virgin Islands

Simon Gray | Head Of Business Development And Marketing | BVI Finance » speaking at MEIS

Magnus Grimeland, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Antler, Singapore

Magnus Grimeland | Founder & Chief Executive Officer | Antler » speaking at MEIS

Antonio Hallak, Head of Trading, VQR Multistrategy Fund LP, United States

Antonio Hallak | Head of Trading | VQR Multistrategy Fund LP » speaking at MEIS

Natasha Hannoun, Head of Investment Solutions, SHUAA, United Arab Emirates

Natasha Hannoun | Head of Investment Solutions | SHUAA » speaking at MEIS

Heather Henyon, Founding General Partner, Mindshift Capital, United Arab Emirates

Heather Henyon | Founding General Partner | Mindshift Capital » speaking at MEIS

Mustafa Hussain, GC, Accuro Family Office, United Arab Emirates

Mustafa Hussain | GC | Accuro Family Office » speaking at MEIS

Philip Ireland, Partner, Maples Group, British Virgin Islands

Philip Ireland | Partner | Maples Group » speaking at MEIS

Jeffery Kirk, Managing Partner, Appleby, Hong Kong

Jeffery Kirk | Managing Partner | Appleby » speaking at MEIS

Siddharth Kumar, Director, Imperium, United Kingdom

Siddharth Kumar | Director | Imperium » speaking at MEIS

Cheong Say Lim, Chief Executive Officer, Lootah Global Capital Limited

Cheong Say Lim | Chief Executive Officer | Lootah Global Capital Limited » speaking at MEIS

Celeste Lo Turco, Vice President Strategy, Neom, United Arab Emirates

Celeste Lo Turco | Vice President Strategy | Neom » speaking at MEIS

Warren Luyt, Managing Director, Trident Trust Company (UAE) Ltd, United Arab Emirates

Warren Luyt | Managing Director | Trident Trust Company (UAE) Ltd » speaking at MEIS

Josh Mangeot, Counsel, Harneys, British Virgin Islands

Josh Mangeot | Counsel | Harneys » speaking at MEIS

Mark, UK Single Family Office

Mark |  | UK Single Family Office » speaking at MEIS

Francois Millet, Head of ETF Strategy, ESG & Innovation, Lyxor AM, France

Francois Millet | Head of ETF Strategy, ESG & Innovation | Lyxor AM » speaking at MEIS

Eric Munson, Chief Investment Officer, ADIT Ventures, United States

Eric Munson | Chief Investment Officer | ADIT Ventures » speaking at MEIS

Shridhar Narayan, Group Director And Chief Investments And Strategy Officer, Hiranandani Group of Companies, India

Shridhar Narayan | Group Director And Chief Investments And Strategy Officer | Hiranandani Group of Companies » speaking at MEIS

Sanjay Patil, Chairman, Excelera Interlink Healthcare, The Interlink Group, United States

Sanjay Patil | Chairman, Excelera Interlink Healthcare | The Interlink Group » speaking at MEIS

Bruce Richards, Chief Executive Officer, Marathon Asset Management Lp, United States

Bruce Richards | Chief Executive Officer | Marathon Asset Management Lp » speaking at MEIS

Christopher Rogers, Partner, Lumia Capital, United States

Christopher Rogers | Partner | Lumia Capital » speaking at MEIS

Gina Sanchez, Chief Executive Officer, Chantico Global LLC, United States

Gina Sanchez | Chief Executive Officer | Chantico Global LLC » speaking at MEIS

Abhishek Sharma, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Foundation Holdings, United Arab Emirates

Abhishek Sharma | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Foundation Holdings » speaking at MEIS

Michael Sheahan, Global Head – Real Estate Fund Services, The Apex Group

Michael Sheahan | Global Head – Real Estate Fund Services | The Apex Group » speaking at MEIS

Catherine Shiang, Managing Director, Asia Capital Advisor, Hong Kong

Catherine Shiang | Managing Director | Asia Capital Advisor » speaking at MEIS

Pooja Singh, International Organisations Expert, SCA, United Arab Emirates

Pooja Singh | International Organisations Expert | SCA » speaking at MEIS

Natalia Sokolova, Managing Partner, SGG World LLC, Sokol Family Office, United States

Natalia Sokolova | Managing Partner | SGG World LLC, Sokol Family Office » speaking at MEIS

Zafer Sonmez, Chief Executive Officer, Turkey Wealth Fund, Turkey

Zafer Sonmez | Chief Executive Officer | Turkey Wealth Fund » speaking at MEIS

Philip Stewart, Chief Development Officer, Holdun Family Office, Cayman Islands

Philip Stewart | Chief Development Officer | Holdun Family Office » speaking at MEIS

Noor Sweid, General Partner, Global Ventures, United Arab Emirates

Noor Sweid | General Partner | Global Ventures » speaking at MEIS

William Tohme, Regional Head - Mena, CFA Institute, United Arab Emirates

William Tohme | Regional Head - Mena | CFA Institute » speaking at MEIS

Zia Ul Rab Siddiqui, Director - Investments, Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation (APICORP), Saudi Arabia

Zia Ul Rab Siddiqui | Director - Investments | Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation (APICORP) » speaking at MEIS

Nitai Utkarsh, Lead - Investment Strategy And Chairman's Family Office, Hero MotoCorp Ltd, India

Nitai Utkarsh | Lead - Investment Strategy And Chairman's Family Office | Hero MotoCorp Ltd » speaking at MEIS

Guillaume Velut, Chief Executive Officer, Cogendi, France

Guillaume Velut | Chief Executive Officer | Cogendi » speaking at MEIS

Srikanya Yathip, Secretary General, Government Pension Fund, Thailand

Srikanya Yathip | Secretary General | Government Pension Fund » speaking at MEIS

Bashar Zakaria, Global Fixed Income, Head Of Emerging Markets Research And Strategy, California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS), United States

Bashar Zakaria | Global Fixed Income, Head Of Emerging Markets Research And Strategy | California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) » speaking at MEIS

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