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Given how pervasive financial services are across the globe, the disruption opportunity for fintech start-ups, tradetech and alternative investment strategies is massive.

The emergence of robo advisors, artificial intelligence and the demands of a new generation of customers has put the wealth management industry at the cusp of a digital revolution.

New to Middle East Investment Summit 2019, the event will seek to bring together the global wealth and asset management community and will provide a platform for the industry to meet and formulate a way to move forward in this rapidly changing space.

This newly added profile will attract fresh buyers to the event, including:

• Chief Investment Officers

• Chief Data Officers

• Chief Technology Officers

• Chief Marketing Officers

• Head of Strategy

• Head of Digital





It wasn’t all that long ago when financial experts and regulators were asking the question “What is an ETF?”. How far the industry has come in such a short space of time.

The ETF market is growing at a rapid pace. ETF’s are no longer considered a niche product and a growing number of organisations are likely to enter this market in the future. To help asset managers prepare to compete in this fast changing environment, Middle East Investment Summit 2019 will have dedicated sessions focusing on the evolution of ETFs, barriers to growth and the opportunities that lie ahead.


“Outstanding level of detail. Meaningful and intellectual output.”

Former Chief Investment Strategist, Merrill Lynch Global CIO Office



“This is the region’s only event for investors, by investors and it pays off every year!”

Director, Sanne Group



“An incredible collection of executive level investment professionals. The regional and global best in class attend MEIS.”

Head Of Portfolio & Investment Management, Aramco Entrepreneurship Ventures




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