Terrapinn and MAFEX will be hosting preconference workshops & site visits from 9-12am on the 17th April and 14-17pm on the 19th of April . The site visits are free to attend on a first come first serve basis for any rail operator, and require a three day pass from other attendees.




Starting from the BEC



The visit will begin at the  station of ANSIO (BEC)  , where officers of the Directorate for EUSKOTREN will join you and take you to the station of SAN MAMES, where we will take a tram to ATXURI, meanwhile giving a presentation on the mobility of travelers by rail in the Bilbao metropolitan area and regional services.

We will then visit the head station and control center of Euskotren;   ATXURI STATION   .  
This is the head station of Euskotren (ETS) and in this case also tram stop, where we have the OAC client information center, Chief of station and the CTC, apart from the administrative offices.   
Once in the control center you can see how the movement of Euskotren trains and the Bilbao tram is controlled. 

At the   control center post of Euskotren,   operators answer also calls from people from stations, requesting information or instructions to carry out actions as buying titles, and listings of incidents. The attendees to the visit can see how the daily activity of our operators is.

Workshop of LEBARIO  
Then we will take the train to LEBARIO to visit the workshop  
In the workshop, you can observe different areas of revision of the trams, the area of replacement of the bogie, re-profiling of wheels area, paint booth. You can also visit the washing and parking area.




Starting from the BEC


The visit will begin at the station of ANSIO (BEC), where officers of the Directorate for ETS (EUSKAL TRENBIDE SAREA) RAIL INFRAESTRUCTURE MANAGER in Basque Country will give a presentation on the mobility of travelers by rail in the BILBAO METROPOLITAN AREA, providing an overview of ETS traffic control management and infrastructure maintenance programs and services for medium distances (regional and commuters).

The group will then travel to visit the ZAZPIKALE STATION, to visit the Customer Information Centre, where the manager will explain its operation and main characteristics. This Centre manages the commuter train services information to customers, both in stations and on board of trains.

Afterwards the group will visit the new line 3 of metro, finishing at the station of KUKULLAGA 




Starting from the BEC




The visit will begin at the station of Metro Bilbao in ANSIO (BEC), where officers of the Directorate for METRO BILBAO will welcome you and travel together up to the station of ABANDO in the city center.

After a visit to the station of Abando, a short walk (3min) to our head offices of Metro Bilbao in Navarra street. We will host a general presentation on Metro Bilbao, including main data construction, design guidelines, passenger figures, income, and cost structure.  

We will also host a visit to our control Centre, also located at the Metro Bilbao Headquarters.

Afterward we will take the metro line again for a guided visit to our workshop in ARIZ.

Festival of Biologics Co-located with 

18-19 April 2018, Bilbao

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This event is a professional railway industry congress and exhibition open to industry professionals only. The organisers reserve the right to bar entry either at the door or at the time of registration or on the door at their sole discretion.