Bronze Sponsor

Dayn Amade is the CEO of Kamaleon Mozambique and the creator of the Tablet Comunitario – also known as the Community Tablet www.tabletcomunitario.org, a mobile technology platform that can be towed by a vehicle or non-vehicle to rural communities with the purpose of increasing digital inclusion.

Dayn has defied many odds by providing the infrastructure to facilitate affordable access and realistic, in Africa and third world context, to the digital world in communities with little or no digital literacy skills. Through the program “Creating the Mozambican Scientist of Tomorrow” supported by the World Bank, he introduced the Community Tablet to rural communities to several Provinces in Mozambique on the year 2016. Under his leadership, the commission team from the Ministry of Science and Technology Higher and Technical Vocational Education and the World Bank witnessed women, youth, the elderly, the private sector, and academia coming together to embrace technology.

In mid 2017, he signed an agreement with the University of Eduardo Mondlane to work with their psychology and sociology departments to co-create online civic education content, that takes into consideration the values and beliefs of each community.

His passion and drive to finding solutions that improve people’s lives, along with his proven ability to lead strong teams, brings significant value to the African digital transformation. He recently developed a unique solution making possible safe and effective transportation of vaccines with Integration of a vaccine Freezer in his infrastructure making it possible a combination of awareness campaign about vaccination; virtual attendance for questions; digital registration including biometrics and print of individual cards all powered by solar panel.

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