Yotam Levin | Chief Executive Officer
NanoPass Technologies

Yotam Levin, Chief Executive Officer, NanoPass Technologies

Dr. Yotam Levin is the Chief Executive Officer of NanoPass Technologies Ltd. for more than 13 years.  He is in charge of the Company's strategy, business development, and all clinical activities. Under his supervision, the Company successfully licensed its product with the FDA, the EU and Canada, among other countries. Further, under his apprenticeship the Company conducted pioneering ID vaccination studies in areas like prophylactic vaccines (pandemic and seasonal influenza, polio and hepatitis), and supported multiple immunotherapy studies in allergy and cancer.
Prior to becoming CEO at NanoPass, Dr Levin was head of the biomedical consulting practice at Global Business Solutions, an Israeli strategy consulting firm. Dr Levin holds an MD degree and an MBA (finance), both from Tel Aviv University, Israel. Dr Levin co-authored several key publications in leading journals such as the Lancet ID, Vaccine, JID, and HV&I (for a few of which he also a reviewer), he is a guest editor for certain publication venues and participated in authoring over a dozen patents.
In his spare time Yotam runs marathons and tries to devote time to volunteering with Variety Israel among other NPOs.


Day Three 12th October, Human @ 11:20

Advances in Intradermal Drug Delivery

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