Yariv Wine | Senior Lecturer
Tel Aviv University

Yariv Wine, Senior Lecturer, Tel Aviv University

Dr. Wine graduated from Tel Aviv University in the Department of Molecular
Microbiology and Biotechnology at the Faculty of Life Sciences under the
supervision of Prof. Amihay Freeman and Prof Felix Frolow, where using
structural biology, protein chemistry, computerized modeling and molecular
biology tools, he studied various aspects of protein-­‐‑protein interactions for
the design of novel composite materials within the nano-­‐‑biotechnology field.
During his postdoctoral training at the laboratory of Prof. George Georgiou
(UT, Austin), Dr. Wine focused on developing a novel approach for the in-­‐‑
depth analysis of the humoral response following vaccine or disease.
Following his postdoc training he established his research group at Tel Aviv
University. As a group leader, Dr. Wine will utilize his recently developed
approach combined with earlier acquired tools to study maternal-­‐‑infant
immunity by profiling the molecular composition, dynamics and attributes of
maternal, trans-­‐‑placental and breastmilk vaccine-­‐‑specific antibodies.
Collectively, Dr. Wine’s omics approach has the potential to be used to
address basic immunological questions as well as an application-­‐‑focused tool
for vaccine evaluation, development and design, immunodiagnostic
discovery, and monoclonal antibody engineering.


Day 3 Oct 12th Immune Profiling @ 09:40

Immune profiling of anti-drug antibodies

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