Dr Vivek Shinde | Director of Clinical Development Lead, Pediatric and Older Adult Rsv Vaccines

Dr Vivek Shinde, Director of Clinical Development Lead, Pediatric and Older Adult Rsv Vaccines, Novavax

Dr. Vivek Shinde is a research physician with training in internal medicine, preventive medicine, public health, and applied epidemiology field research from UCSF, NYU, Johns Hopkins, and the US CDC. He has over a decade of combined research and global health experience in influenza, RSV, and viral respiratory disease research, including vaccine clinical development (leading mid- and late stage vaccine development programs, including pivotal phase III efficacy vaccine trials), vaccine pharmacoepidemiology (including vaccine safety and effectiveness), and disease epidemiology. He has held scientific and strategic leadership positions through key roles in public and private sector organizations at the local, national, and international levels, including the US CDC, the NYC Department of Health, WHO Geneva, GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines, and most recently, in his role as lead of the clinical development program for pediatric and older adult RSV Vaccines at Novavax, a Washington DC metro area vaccine biotech company. 


Day One 10th Oct Human, Vet, Immune @ 17:15

Developments and updates on an adjuvanted RSV F RSV Vaccine to protect healthy and high-risk older adults: building on clinical experience

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