Dr Shruthi Naik | Founder and VP, Comparative Oncology
Mayo Clinic and Foundation

Dr Shruthi Naik, Founder and VP, Comparative Oncology, Mayo Clinic and Foundation

Dr. Naik is a researcher in the Department of Molecular Medicine at Mayo Clinic. She has extensive knowledge and experience developing oncolytic virus based cancer immunotherapies, having both designed and led translational studies of novel oncolytic immunotherapy products currently in clinical trials. Dr. Naik has successfully implemented innovative and collaborative approaches to facilitate clinical development of new oncolytic immunotherapies for cancer with significant unmet clinical need. She holds degrees in Molecular Biology and Economics & Finance, and received her PhD in Biomedical Sciences with a focus on Cancer Biology and Virology and Gene Therapy from Mayo Graduate School.


Day 2 Oct 11th Immune Profiling @ 16:45

Oncolytic Virotherapy: A New Cornerstone for Immuno-Oncology

  • Using engineered viruses to help cure cancer
  • Testing combinations in various clinical stages to harness and enhance the body’s natural tumour-killing immune responses

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