Dr Sandrine Crabe | Research & Development Director

Dr Sandrine Crabe, Research & Development Director, ABIVAX

  • graduate studies at Montreal in the lab of R.P. Sekaly on HIV and immune system : influence of HIV on dendritic cell apoptosis
  • post graduate studies at Montreal in the lab of JF Gauchat on inflammation: characterisation of new member of IL-6 family
  • Join Wittycell as project manager in 2009 to work on the development of ABX196 as adjuvant until the launch of phase I
  • Join Abivax as director RD in 2011 to the research and development of the Abivax’ portfolio


Day 3 Oct 12th Immune Profiling @ 11:50

ABX196, a promising iNKT agonist to enhance therapeutic efficacy in oncology


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