Reece Marillier | Research Scientist
iTeos Therapeutics

Reece Marillier, Research Scientist, iTeos Therapeutics

Reece holds a MSc in Cell Biology and Ph.D. in Infectious Disease Immunology from University of Cape Town (South Africa), from the A-rated scientist Frank Brombacher. He was a post-doctoral fellow for 5 years in the lab of Jacques Van Snick at the Ludwig Cancer Institute-Brussels, where he worked in antibody development and Graft versus host disease. Reece has authored several peer-reviewed publications. Reece joined iTeos Therapeutics in 2015 with 14 years’ experience in immunology and cell biology. He was responsible for the in vivo pharmacology program of the an IDO1 inhibitor, now in the clinic, and Reece is now leading the in vivo pharmacology team for the A2a Receptor inhibitor program.


Day 3 Oct 12th Immune Profiling @ 14:20

Enabling boosted anti-tumor immunity by use of an immuno-oncology-dedicated adenosine receptor antagonist

  • Sharing data updates
  • Characterization of a novel Adenosine A2A Receptor antagonist optimized to function in high adenosine concentrations within tumors
  • Defining the receptors essential for mediation of the effect of adenosine on immune cells within the tumor microenvionment
  • Translational strategy to improve the antitumor efficacy in patients

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