Dr Patrick Frayssinet | R&D Director

Dr Patrick Frayssinet, R&D Director, URODELIA

Patrick Frayssinet is MD, PhD and ScD. He authored more than 150 publications and a dozen of patents in the fiel of bone biomaterial and cancer vaccine. He was formerly R&D director of Bioland a company acquired by J&J and devoted to biotech for the orthopaedic field. He was particularly involved in the research for bone regeneration and developed devices for holding and vectorization of adult mesenchymal stem cells. He is currently R&D director of Urodelia, a company he co-founded a few years ago for the development of application of calcium phosphate materials in cancer treatment. Urodelia market a cancer vaccine in veterinary medicine which is an association of hydroxylapatite adjuvant and autologous proteins. This vaccine is now developed for applications in human medicine.

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