Dr Frédéric Tangy | Director of R&D, CNRS
Institut Pasteur

Dr Frédéric Tangy, Director of R&D, CNRS, Institut Pasteur

Frédéric Tangy, PhD, Dr.Sc., Director of Research at CNRS, is the head of the Viral Genomics and Vaccination Research Unit at Institut Pasteur, Paris (CNRS UMR-3569). He is director of the international Vaccinology course of Institut Pasteur, vice-president of the Scientific Council of Institut Pasteur, and member of ASM, ESGT, IAS, SFI. He is the author of 120 scientific publications and 20 patents. His main research program is dedicated to the generation of polyvalent recombinant vaccines based on a viral vector derived from measles attenuated vaccine. This project extends from the design of antigens and generation of recombinant vectors, to preclinical and clinical development in the fields of HIV, dengue, Zika or Ebola. A measles-chikungunya vaccine recently tested in clinical trial was proven safe and immunogenic in adults with preexisting measles immunity and is currently tested in a large phase II trial. Similarly he explores the anticancer capacity of modified measles vaccine. A clinical trial in ovarian cancer is in preparation. A second project investigates virus-host protein interactions using functional genomic and proteomic approaches such as yeast two-hybrid, mass spectrometry, next generation sequencing and high-throughput drug screening. This project leads to identifying determinants of pathogenicity/attenuation and new drug targets.


Day Two 11th October, Human @ 14:45

Development of live measles vaccine vector for new emerging pathogens

  • Developing attenuated measles Schwarz vaccine virus into a versatile chimeric or recombinant vector
  • Proof of concept in humans
  • The potential of measles vector as a platform for rapid response to new pathogens

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