• Cross sector learnings and applications regardless of the lab you work in

• A content led agenda means you’ll have access to the latest trends, innovations and drivers that is transforming the way your lab functions

• We understand that networking in incredibly important, that’s why we have long breaks, a dedicated app to set up meetings and an after party to ensure you get the opportunity to make new research and business partnerships

• Find your next solution that will change the efficiency and workflow of your lab by visiting the exhibition floor filled with showcases and start-ups

• Meet decision makers and trend setters from the high calibre speakers and attendees




Apply or visit the congress start-up village to meet those entrepreneurs seeking to disrupt the way lab operations are carried out


Immerse yourself in our themed workshops to learn first hand the latest innovations within the lab space and equip yourself with the skills to take your day-to-day job that next step forward

Innovation zone:

The innovation zone will give start-ups the opportunity to pitch their solutions and explain first hand how they can add value to your business or why they might be the next industry disruptor

Tech Showcase:

Learn first hand from the vendor community what new technologies are rolling off the production line and how they can be adopted within your lab


             For conference production and speaking opportunites:                          For sponsorship and exhibition opportunities:
                ellie.whitehead@terrapinn.com                                                                                     thomas.hall@terrapinn.com