Xu Han | Head Mechatronics Engineer
NMBU - Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Xu Han, Head Mechatronics Engineer, NMBU - Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Dr Xu Han is a Mechatronics Engineer from the BioSpec Group at Norwegian University of Life Sciences. He mainly works in the fields of laboratory automation and robots, mechatronic systems, digital models, and optimization design. His ongoing work is developing sample preparation robots for the measurement in biological labs and bioprocess production, especially the spectroscopy measurement. His group introduces AI technology and customized modules to their robots for achieving fully automatic and low-cost solutions for laboratories.


Day 2 (27th June) @ 13:30

Low-cost AI controlled platform for automated high-throughput and precise ultrasonication

Probe-based ultrasonication is widely used for sample preparation: homogenization, dispersion, disruption, shearing, etc. in laboratories. Usually, it’s operated manually that poses tedious and repetitive labor work, noise stress, etc. It also requires placing and operating the instrument in a separate and dedicated room. Automation of the probe ultrasonication can tackle the above challenges and hereby simplify its operation, especially for high-throughput sample processing. Nowadays, automated ultrasonication is limited due to lack of respective robotic platforms and systems compatible with probe-based ultrasonication instruments. NMBU is developing a low-cost fully automatic platform for probe ultrasonication by introducing customized function modules and AI control algorithms. This novel automated solution can process multiple samples that are randomly located in standard well plates by only pressing ‘start’ and ‘confirm’ on a touch screen. The probe cleaning, temperature control, and ultrasonication process control are automatically performed. The platform is under internal and external testing with various samples and also to be compared with the alternative sample homogenization process like beads beating.

last published: 14/Jun/24 11:25 GMT

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