Toby Winchester | Product Manager
Titian Software

Toby Winchester, Product Manager, Titian Software

​​​​​​​Toby Winchester joined Titian Software in 2011 and is a product manager focusing on integration with valued laboratory automation partners and product strategy for Mosaic SampleBank. Previously, he spent 17 years at Pfizer, first as a senior scientist and then as a sample logistics manager supporting diverse SAR project requirements.


Day 1 (26th June) @ 13:00

Eco-smart automated assay processing

Automating intricate wet lab processes within R&D workflows with Mosaic Sample Management Software streamlines the overall research procedure, yet manually managing the resulting assay data poses a significant bottleneck. We'll showcase how our collaboration with Genedata Screener, complements the end-to-end digitalization of Titian’s automation workflows. 

We will illustrate an autonomous unattended cascade of follow-up assays triggered by response hits, added to Mosaic assay requests to allow eco-optimised liquid handler runs. Through the integration of Screener and Mosaic, we'll demonstrate how Screener automates assay data processing including hit-selection, while Mosaic automatically manages sample plate handling and initiates the follow-up assay.

last published: 17/Jun/24 14:15 GMT

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