Tiago Rodrigues | Assistant Professor
Faculty of Pharmacy University of Lisbon

Tiago Rodrigues, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy University of Lisbon

I hold a PharmD and a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry from the University of Lisbon. After postdoctoral stays at ETH Zürich (2011-2015) and iMM (2015-2017) I became a junior group leader at iMM. Since 2019 I lead the Digital Chemistry Lab (DigiChem Lab) at the University of Lisbon and became an Assistant Professor in 2022. In 2024 I was promoted to Associate Professor. I am a Mercator Fellow at the Molecular Machine Learning Program by the DFG, a Full Member of the Acceleration Consortium and an Early Career Board at J Med Chem (ACS). In 2019 I co-founded TargTex, a preclinical stage European biotech developing life-changing therapies for glioblastoma patients based on ML/AI algorithms developed in the group. Our work focuses on leveraging small datasets for ML/AI applications in drug discovery and has been published in Nature, Nature Chemistry, Nature Communications, Nature Reviews Chemistry, Angewandte Chemie among other top tier journals


Day 1 (26th June) @ 17:00

Accelerating the development of cancer treatments with ML: from bench to spin-off

The development of drugs is a time consuming and expensive process, typically involving trial and error. Although technology and high-throughput screening platforms allow the generation of large amounts of data, their availability is still very much confined to specific areas of chemical space and/or proprietary. Taken together, low data is the norm in drug development. In this talk, we will focus on a research program where machine learning operating on low data played a pivotal role uncovering the mode of action of an anti-proliferative natural product and establishing the link between molecular structure–drug target–disease. The roadmap from early stage discovery to clinical candidate will be discussed.

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