Sascha Fischer | Business Development Manager

Sascha Fischer, Business Development Manager, Genedata

​​​​​Sascha Fischer discovered his passion for automation during his work for Hamilton and Tecan as an Application Specialist for Genomics and NGS. He graduated in Molecular-Medicine at the University of Tübingen and is currently in the final phase of his PhD studies in Neuropsychiatric Genetics at the University of Basel. In April 2021, Sascha joined Genedata as a Business Development Manager supporting Genedata Screener’s Automation Initiatives.


Day 1 (26th June) @ 13:00

Eco-smart automated assay processing

Automating intricate wet lab processes within R&D workflows with Mosaic Sample Management Software streamlines the overall research procedure, yet manually managing the resulting assay data poses a significant bottleneck. We'll showcase how our collaboration with Genedata Screener, complements the end-to-end digitalization of Titian’s automation workflows. 

We will illustrate an autonomous unattended cascade of follow-up assays triggered by response hits, added to Mosaic assay requests to allow eco-optimised liquid handler runs. Through the integration of Screener and Mosaic, we'll demonstrate how Screener automates assay data processing including hit-selection, while Mosaic automatically manages sample plate handling and initiates the follow-up assay.

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