Samira Richardson | Head of Operations
Solena Materials Limited

Samira Richardson, Head of Operations, Solena Materials Limited

Samira is the proactive Head of Operations at Solena Materials who leverages her rich educational background and extensive experience to enhance the operational effectiveness of this innovative biotechnology company. Holding an MBA, an MRes, and Bachelor's degrees in Economics and Biology, she masterfully combines business acumen with scientific insight, optimising Solena Materials' day-to-day operations.
Samira's operational expertise is significantly enhanced by her hands-on experience as a visiting researcher at Imperial College London, where she acquired a detailed understanding of scientific processes. This invaluable experience, combined with her roles in leading diagnostic companies across the country, has not only provided her with a thorough insight into the operational demands and obstacles of the biotech sector but also endowed her with transferable skills that directly apply to her current role at Solena Materials. These competencies have been pivotal in her proficient oversight of operational dynamics, facilitating the company's efficient operation and compliance with sector norms.


Day 1 (26th June) @ 11:29


Day 2 (27th June) @ 14:44


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