Philippe Dreier | Laboratory Automation Specialist, Biocatalysis Team

Philippe Dreier, Laboratory Automation Specialist, Biocatalysis Team, Novartis

Philippe Dreier is a Laboratory Automation Specialist in the Biocatalysis team at Novartis with over 15 years' experience in lab automation. He previously held Scientist and Laboratory Expert roles at Novartis. He is an passionate football plater and enjoys the outdoors in his spare time.


Day 2 (27th June) @ 11:15

Shaping a circular economy through plastic reuse

As the global community increasingly recognizes the urgency of addressing climate change, labs are under pressure to reassess their practices. Compounding this challenge is the lack of measurement tools to understand current impact and to forecast the future impact of sustainability efforts. To address this challenge, Grenova implements solutions for washing and reusing plastic consumables including an impact calculator to quantify the environmental impact of adopting its solutions. This presentation will provide illustrations of the transformative power of circular economy in lab plastics including a customer story from Novartis.

last published: 17/Jun/24 14:15 GMT

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