Miquel Vidal | Head of Augmented Reality Solutions
CBRE Global Workplace Solutions

Miquel Vidal, Head of Augmented Reality Solutions, CBRE Global Workplace Solutions

Miquel Vidal is Head of Extended Reality Solutions for CBRE’s Global Workplace Solutions, Digital and Technology Team. He has been an evangelist and a leader on XR (Extended Reality) within CBRE for the past six years, working transversely across the business as an ambassador for the value and benefits of disruptive technology. He has successfully run “proof of concept” projects, pilots and recently has productised and soft-launched CBRE XRS (Extended Reality Solutions) for CBRE frontline workers to use at their respective client sites. In addition to this, he has also been actively involved in all things metaverse for the last two years. Having worked with CBRE now for ten years, he has moved from being an Innovation and Programme Manager into leading Extended Reality Solutions for the global company, with a goal to create, productise and deliver XRS across CBRE.


Day 1 (26th June) @ 12:00

Mixed reality maintenance and repair solutions in the Lab of the Future ecosystem

Join Full Spectrum Lab Services as we delve into the accelerating pace of scientific innovation and the challenges it presents. With the constant evolution of laboratory equipment, quick maintenance and repair have become vital to prevent any disruption in scientific progress. This session will address the widening skills gap and discuss the need for faster response times to equipment malfunctions, which often pose a significant hurdle to research continuity. We will explore how embracing and deploying innovative technologies, such as Mixed Reality, can enhance the appeal of lab services and attract the next generation, including Gen Z, Alpha, and Beta, to consider a career in lab and facilities management. Be part of the conversation on the future of Extended Reality and its potential to bolster support for your end users. This session promises to offer a glimpse into the future of laboratory operations.

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