Michiel Schreurs | Phd-student
KU Leuven

Michiel Schreurs, Phd-student, KU Leuven

Michiel Schreurs is a PhD candidate at the VIB-KU Leuven Center for Microbiology in Leuven (Belgium), under the directorship of Prof. Kevin Verstrepen. He obtained his MSc in Cellular and Genetic Engineering from KU Leuven University, with a dissertation on the genetics of yeast longevity. Currently, Michiel studies the link between the chemical composition and the flavor profile of beer, with a particular focus on beer appreciation and non-alcoholic beer. His work unites analytical chemistry and sensory science through machine learning.


Day 2 (27th June) @ 14:00

Flavour: Improving the taste of beer-using ML to predict consumer liking

In this talk, we reveal how big data and machine learning uncover complex links between food chemistry, flavor and consumer perception, and lay the foundation to develop novel, tailored foods with superior flavors. 


The perception and appreciation of flavor depends on many interacting chemical compounds and external factors, and therefore proves challenging to understand and predict. In our work, machine learning is used to model the complex patterns that underlie flavor perception. The choice for an artificial intelligence approach over conventional statistics is explained and some possible future applications for AI in (food) industry are discussed.

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