Kevin Koelliker | Application Engineer Lab Informatics
Agilent Technologies

Kevin Koelliker, Application Engineer Lab Informatics, Agilent Technologies

Kevin Kölliker is a Lab Informatics Application Engineer for Agilent Technologies. He studied Chemistry and Business informatics, and he worked as a Lab Technician, and as a Field Service Engineer before joining Agilent. Combined he has more than 10 Years of Experience in the analytical laboratory and therefore met already multiple different workflows. He works together with the Lab Informatics Product Specialists to demonstrate the Power of OpenLab, and to customize it to meet the needs of our Customers.


Day 1 (26th June) @ 15:15

Improving productivity in biopharma applications using the power of automatization of new OpenLab CDS 2.8

OpenLab CDS 2.8 comes with a lot of new features to enable the automatization of biopharma workflows. If you want to know how Spectral Deconvolution of your biopharma samples can be automated, or if you are interested about the tools to automate the analysis of Single Stranded Synthetic Oligos, or if you simply want to learn about the general tools OpenLab CDS 2.8 provides to automate your workflows, we got you covered.

During this presentation you will find out how these tools are enabling Agilent to help our customers improving their Lab Operations.

last published: 17/Jun/24 14:15 GMT

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