Juliane Miani | Sustainability Project Manager, School of Life Sciences

Juliane Miani, Sustainability Project Manager, School of Life Sciences, EPFL

Juliane works as a Sustainability Project Manager in the School of Life Sciences at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland. She has extensive international experience, having worked in France, New Zealand and the United States. She leads the development of an online greenhouse gas emissions calculation tool for the school's research laboratories and core facilities. Juliane also collaborates with EPFL's procurement department and suppliers to reduce the environmental footprint of lab purchases, and conducts life cycle assessments to analyse and reduce the impacts of the animal facilities on campus. Juliane received her Master's degree in Sustainability and Environmental Management from the Harvard.


Day 2 (27th June) @ 11:45

EPFL’s CO2 Calculator: Assessing lab emissions and identifying opportunities for reduction

In the Sustainability Office of the School of Life Sciences at EPFL, one of the key missions is to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of 50+ research laboratories and core facilities. EPFL has developed an online emissions calculation tool to assess the carbon footprint of a research lab and identify leverage points to take action.  This talk will present EPFL’s CO2 Calculator, delve into the challenges faced in quantifying, and the many reduction opportunities that were identified. Depending on the type of research conducted, footprints differ greatly from one lab to another. There is no one solution that fits all but meaningful emissions reduction can be reached with joint efforts at the individual, laboratory, and institutional levels.

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