Darren Barrington-light | Senior Manager, Product Marketing
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Darren Barrington-light, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Having worked in chromatography throughout his career in the fields of analytical chemistry, chromatography and mass spectrometry hardware and computer software, specifically Chromatography Data Systems, for over 30 years, Darren has a unique understanding of the requirements of organizations that rely on chromatography data to manage their day to day operations.  As capabilities have advanced, Darren has worked with clients across multiple industries to show them how enterprise-level software can help them to improve their day to day operations and drive fast, informed decisions.


Day 2 (27th June) @ 12:15

Leading the way to the lab of the future through cloud-enabled data solutions

Data is the life blood of any scientific business. You may have the most advanced instrumentation on earth, but you need software to collect, manage, and interpret the data. As we move towards the lab of the future and with data quantities continually increasing, how you manage and leverage that data is becoming ever more important. Connecting your instruments, people and projects enables you to analyze data faster and deeper for a more accurate and complete picture. Join us to see how Thermo Fisher Scientific software solutions are igniting scientific progress and driving productivity by digitally enabling your scientific journey.

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