Antima Gupta | Application Scientist
Collaborative Drug Discovery Inc

Antima Gupta, Application Scientist, Collaborative Drug Discovery Inc

Antima Gupta, PhD. is an Application Scientist in the technical support team at Collaborative Drug Discovery based in the UK. As a skilled data solution scientist she is dedicated to educating the CDD community with best data management practices and bettering the user experience with reliable workflows. With her vast scientific skills, in-depth knowledge and client-focused energetic work attitude, she enjoys resolving technical issues. Before joining CDD, she worked as a Biological Scientist towards hit-to-lead and lead optimization of pre-clinical research projects at Salvensis/London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and other institutes in UK. She received her PhD in Molecular Microbiology for target identification and validation followed by UNESCO-L'Oreal International Young Women Scientist award to broaden her horizon in high throughput drug discovery project. During her 10+ years lab-based research career, She focused on drug development for neglected tropical diseases and multi-OMICS projects for biofuel production.


Day 1 (26th June) @ 13:45

Simplified assay data management based on FAIR principle with CDD Vault

Despite the evident importance of bioassays, we have a lot of challenges in managing its data mainly due to the variability in different parameters, the requirement for suitable assay format, and necessity for precise and robust results. In order to develop new assays, comprehensive insight for similarity as well as finding potential gaps are extremely important. In addition, we need to elevate the assay analytics by matching our data from various ontologies to avoid data silencing and irreproducibility. Towards achieving these goals, Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs) have received great interest recently from small to big organizations. However, is it sufficient and fills all the gaps to have a complete data management system?

 To effectively address this and facilitate the smooth workflow for bioassay data management, CDD Vault introduces a tool to capture both unstructured and structured data systematically. It offers an interactive single source for having your own customized ELN templates, customized Assay analytics and furthermore Visualize huge volumes of data from different projects in an intuitive manner and this is all based on FAIR principle. My talk will focus on how Vault can be used to manage your data much more efficiently than traditional workarounds, starting with basic database Registration, ELN, Assay annotation, Sample management, and Visualization. More in detail, I will talk about how CDD Vault allows users to design assays, configure protocol and run fields to capture the variability in different parameters around each assay as a best practice while maintaining accuracy of results. 


last published: 17/Jun/24 14:15 GMT

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