Alexander Iliyashov | Head Financial Planning

Alexander Iliyashov, Head Financial Planning, Novartis

For over 20 years, I have been working in finance in various roles at global and local levels. I have led different financial functions with a focus on business partnering, processes optimizations, and the implementation of digital technologies, including roll out and scaling up of global planning and reporting systems. My experience and education, including Master in Computer Science and MBA in Finance, along with my passion for innovation, have helped me successfully achieve the assigned goals. As a result, I have earned recognition from colleagues and management as a competent and experienced partner capable to solve complex tasks.
In the last five years, I have been actively learning, interacting with industrial leaders, and participating in various professional events. I do this not only in the field of Finance but also in different functional domains such as Digital Technologies, Supply Chain, ESG, R&D, etc. I believe that the future belongs to generalists, and that is why I expand my knowledge in different areas. Routine operational tasks can be solved with automation or artificial intelligence, while strategic decisions require human involvement, where knowledge transfer between functional domains could be one of the enablers of significant value creation. I believe that collaboration and sharing best practices are often underestimated factors in increasing efficiency, that is why I actively expand my network within and beyond the company.


Day 1 (26th June) @ 16:00

Unlocking the value of digital transformation

-Financial and non-financial perspectives on value creation

-Value maximization strategies

-Examples of successful implementations and learning experiences

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