Alex Boeser | Senior Innovation Lead Chemistry
5-HT Chemistry & Health

Alex Boeser, Senior Innovation Lead Chemistry, 5-HT Chemistry & Health

I'm Alex, the Senior Innovation Lead Chemistry at 5-HT Chemistry & Health. He is responsible for managing all activities related to chemistry, pharma and life science of the 5-HT ecosystem. With over 700 ecosystem members form corporates, startups, investors and academia, we are working on enabling new technologies and innovative products - especially regarding digitalization and sustainability. 
I studied Chemical Biology at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), before working in the pharmaceutical industry for 5+ years until I joined 5-HT in 2021. I'm passionate about developing an agile and human-centred approach for transforming the chemical & pharmaceutical industry.


Day 1 (26th June) @ 10:15

First round pitches

First round of start-up pitches at start-up theatre on exhibition floor 

10.15-10.25 – Chair intro: Alexander Böser, Senior Ecosystem Manager, 5-HT Chemistry & Health

Judges:  Georg Hinkel, Professor, The RheinMain University of Applied Science

David Volpato, Product owner, EF Education First

Alice Freton, Start up Program Manager, Innovation Office, University of Basel

Martin Alexander Gershon, Managing Partner and CIO, Endeavor Venture Funds & Venture Studio


Day 1 (26th June) @ 17:00

Second round start up pitches

Second round of start-up pitches at start-up theatre on exhibition floor 17.00-18.00

Day 2 (27th June) @ 14:45

Collaborate to innovate: ecosystem-based approaches in the industry

The search for sustainable alternatives, navigating new regulations or dealing with supply chain issues are just a few of the problems the industry is currently facing.

In an era of unpredictable mid-/long-term markets, unreliable feedstock options and “data-first” mindsets, a single organization is not able to unravel this intertwined web of problems all by itself.

Collaborative ecosystems should be utilized to drive innovation, to create resilience and to solve common problems - for instance by developing joint industrial standards and guidelines or merging expertise to create unique and novel solutions.

This session will introduce the topic, elaborate common ecosystem practices and highlight best practices in the industry.

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