Adam Wolf | PhD Student
Obuda University

Adam Wolf, PhD Student, Obuda University

Ádám has an academic background in Mechatronics and Robotics. After gaining experience in industrial R&D (specialty equipment prototyping) and in academic R&D (agromechatronics), he joined Takeda in 2019. His focus is on laboratory automation robotics and corresponding integration frameworks. He leads global proof-of-concept projects within Takeda R&D, while working on his industrial PhD and leading the SiLA Consortium’s Robotics Working Group.


Day 2 (27th June) @ 12:15

The laboratory automation plug & play initiative

Robotized laboratory automation systems are becoming more and more complex, which hinders compatibility and easy implementation. The Laboratory Automation Plug & Play framework serves as a reference architecture model, including a hierarchical decomposition of lab workflows, outlining the corresponding layers and elements of the control architecture, and introducing a taxonomy for lab robot activities. By advancing the standardization and democratization of these technologies a more streamlined integration can be achieved. We will present the basics of the concept proposal and introduce the newly formed cross-company initiative that targets its implementation as a global guidance.

Day 2 (27th June) @ 14:50

A bioSASH and SiLA journey-Implementing advanced laboratory automation technologies

Standardization plays a crucial role in facilitating the implementation of advanced laboratory automation technologies, such as supportive robotics. The presentation will tell the story of the SiLA Robotics Working Group and how the BioLAGO – SiLA 2/AnIML Serial Hackathon provided an excellent platform for pursuing its efforts for creating reference implementations.

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