NexMR was launched in 2021 as a solution provider for early-stage drug discovery.
Our vision is to provide resilient technologies empowering drug hunters in their hit discovery and characterization journey. We design our applications to be expert agnostic and aligned with the emerging opportunities in biophysics and data analysis such as cryogen-free benchtop NMR and AI, respectively.
Our core technology accelerates NMR-based small molecule screening by 30-folds (1500 vs 50 exp/day) and reduces material consumption by 10 (5 vs 50 µM). NMR studies do not require assay development and therefore can address non-crystallizable or difficult-to-produce targets.
NexMR's first product NMhare boosts your NMR-based screening performance, on cheaper spectrometer, and expands the scope of addressable targets.