Inside Reality


Establishing visualisation as a universal language is our motivation.
Inside Reality is a Swiss software company specialised in web-based, immersive, interactive 3D visualisation. As a spin-off of the One Inside Group, Inside Reality was founded in 2018. This was the first step towards successful market entry and profitable growth.

With our software platform and unique visualisation know-how, we improve the quality of interdisciplinary communication processes - through group immersion, shareability and traceability. Location and display-independent, interactive 3D experiences are maintained without media discontinuity. Immersive 3D visualisation becomes a group-enabled experience without VR glasses and ensures misunderstanding-free communication across the entire value chain.
Products, next to our 3D-visualisation service and consulting are:
The icRoom, an immersive collaboration space leveraging the full spectrum of human interactions.
Multiple 3D-viewer, able to read more than 40 native file formats including popular Autodesk Forge, to support Group immersion and remote collaboration.
Remote collaboration tools like Teleport to help you work more effectively while being geographically dispersed.