Industry Problem: Drug discovery scientists typically run many combinations of lab experiments in finding the right targets (or interventions).  Knowing which target(s) in a pathway of multiple enzymes is the key one to modulate is however still hit and miss!

Business Impact: Target discovery programmes often overrun a year or so longer than planned.  This is in a critical project phase when speed is critical, creating frustration with investors and company executives.  Many programmes don’t survive this.

Our Solution: Incubate bio has built an explainable AI software platform called ALaSCA.  ALaSCA applies causal inference methods to provide in silico target (hypothesis) validation.  McKinsey’s industry analysis (AI in Pharma, Oct 2022) shows that in silico target validation is not offered by anyone else today.

With ALaSCA, you can find the right target 50% faster

Future State: With ALaSCA, life sciences R&D teams are able to beat challenging timelines in finding the right targets for their drug development programmes.

Our Method: This is possible because ALaSCA implements Bayesian-based methods called Causal Inference and Counterfactual Simulation.  These methods take full advantage of prior biological knowledge, unlike traditional “black box” AI/ML methods.  This approach is already used extensively in other industries, but this is the first time it has been implemented with biological data and biological mechanisms.

Application Areas to-date: ALaSCA (patent pending) is already being applied to a variety of disease conditions – including Rare Kidney Disease, Glioblastoma, Alzheimer’s Disease, Type 1 Diabetes, Chronic Liver Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Bioactives and more.

Web Apps available for free: We have recently released as 2 ALaSCA web apps – focused on Type 1 Diabetes and on Bioactives.  Anyone can access and play with the web apps for free, by visiting  Details of Causal Inference and Counterfactual Simulation can also be found there.

Call to Action: Incubate bio is a growing company looking for customers, partners, and investors. We are revenue generating, and readying to scale across Europe and the States.

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