DataHarmony Ltd


DataHarmony is a pre-seed startup developing a transformative data management platform designed for the biotech, life science, and pharmaceutical industries.

Our solution, featuring a user-friendly interface, streamlines data storage, management, and analysis directly from a web browser, significantly reducing or eliminating the need for complex in-house IT infrastructure. DataHarmony revolutionises industry operations by enhancing internal collaboration, streamlining data-sharing agreements with external partners, and increasing scalability. Our platform offers clear, transparent pricing and unparalleled security, complemented by an AI assistant that identifies data patterns to accelerate innovation. It seamlessly integrates research and reagent databases with vendor APIs and connects directly to laboratory instruments to enable direct data upload.

DataHarmony redefines data governance by visually mapping data flows, enabling granular policies for data access and resource utilisation, and automating synthetic data generation. With synthetic datasets, teams can process a copy of a live, sensitive dataset without sharing or operating on the original secure materials, reducing risk and de-complicating information governance. We also make it easy for you to understand your inventory of information, the processing taking place, and when items need to be deleted or archived so you can more easily align with industry standards such as ISO27001 and governmental regulations such as the EU’s AI Act.

Our cloud-based solution provides tailored computing resources, making advanced research technologies accessible and efficient for scientists and companies of all sizes everywhere. This accelerates development cycles and gives you complete command over your valuable data assets.




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