Cortex Discovery


Cortex Discovery GmbH is a German AI company developing proprietary machine learning systems to accelerate and optimize preclinical drug discovery. Its deep learning-based technology learns from experimental data to predict molecule properties. The applications cover all therapeutic fields, and range from target or pathway modulation to off-target effects and ADMET predictions. Our technology has been validated in vitro by multiple independent laboratories in various therapeutic areas. Its unprecedented prediction accuracy is on par with most wide scale molecule screening experiments reproducibility, and has led to the discovery of novel potential drug leads. Our services and milestones-based partnerships range from hit discovery to lead optimization. They enable CROs, Biotech and Pharma companies to considerably reduce the number, size, cost, and time of their preclinical experiments. Our drug discovery research focuses on the development of an in-house pipeline of drug candidates for life extension and age-related disorders.

Our machine learning R&D efforts are devoted to the development of a complementary technology - independent from experimental data - leveraging the most recent advancements in the field of deep learning to make accurate simulations of ligand-protein binding. We are looking for customers and partners that are serious about accelerating and optimizing their preclinical drug discovery. We also offer investment opportunities to deploy our service on a large scale, speed up the development of our in-house pipeline of drug candidates, and finalize our virtual ligand-protein binding technology which will be a game changer for drug discovery.