Biosimo Chemicals


Biosimo is a clean-tech startup producing sustainable bulk chemicals, starting with acetic acid as our first use case. Our mission is to drive the transition from a fossil to a renewable carbon-based economy, mitigating climate change and promoting sustainable practices.

Our proprietary technology uses renewable ethanol as a feedstock, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by over 90% compared to conventional methods. Our process eliminates toxic and hazardous additives and is highly efficient, scalable, and safe.

Our solution addresses the urgent need for a low-carbon and safer alternative to traditional chemical production, providing a more sustainable and eco-friendly choice for the chemical industry with direct substitution in the supply chain. Our platform enables us to offer a broad portfolio of green chemicals and solvents used in almost all products of our economy, including essential components for sustainable fuels.

At Biosimo, we are committed to positive impact through cutting-edge technology and responsible business practices.