Bionamic is a company in Lund, Sweden, founded by Anders Carlsson, Ph.D. and Morten Krogh, Ph.D. with the combined experiences from life science (Scripps Research and USC), theoretical physics (Princeton and CERN) and software development. The idea behind Bionamic was developed while consulting at various biopharma companies, where the challenges of organizing and analyzing development data were obvious and researchers were frustrated by the inefficiencies caused by the lack of appropriate software. It is Bionamic’s mission to change this by providing a software platform developed around the biopharma discovery and development process, soundly built on true biological concepts and relations. The main purpose of the Bionamic system is to allow users to act on their data in the easiest and most efficient way possible.

The road from a validated target to a clinical candidate biopharmaceutical is long and winding. Results generated from several sources and teams tend to be siloed and are rarely easily made available for future reference. Bionamic is a software system designed to solve precisely this: To bring all relevant sequence, assay and meta data together in one place to enable powerful analysis and visualisations with full traceability. With Bionamic’s scientific data backbone and easy-to-use tools in place, you are able to bring together any set of observations - across time and projects - into a single comprehensive analysis. No tedious workflow design is required. Instead, Bionamic’s unique data structure is set up to let researchers look at their data the same way they talk and think about it.