Better Basics Laborbedarf GmbH


Better Basics Laborbedarf GmbH
Better Basics Laborbedarf GmbH, a spin-off from the Leibniz-Institute for Polymer Research Dresden, develops, manufactures and sells smart basic equipment for laboratories. The production, prototyping and serial production, is carried out via 3D printing. The innovative products are protected by various industrial property rights. Better Basics Laborbedarf revolutionizes the organization of laboratory workstations and the way basic laboratory work is carried out, which leads to an improvement in workplace safety and an increase in the efficiency of the laboratory staff. The products of Better Basics Laborbedarf will be established as standard equipment for every laboratory. The market for analog laboratory equipment is a Billion-Euro-Market with continuous strong growth and high margins. The management team possesses very complementary skill sets and is supported by an experienced team as well as an extensive external network.

The SmartRack®

The SmartRack® is the first modular organization system for laboratory workstations in which a wide variety of laboratory accessories can be stored. It enables user efficient one-handed operation, creates order as well as up to 80% free space for working and therefore improves workstation safety and 10% higher efficiency. The modular design of the SmartRack® means it can be adapted to different fields of application. The SmartRack® is basic equipment for laboratories with applications in fields including chemistry, biology, biochemistry, pharmacy and medicine.