UPCOMING WEBINAR -  Monday, 21st September

13.30 GMT / 15.30 CET

Back to Reality: the future of the lab is NOW!




Laura Williams, Discovery Biology Technology Lead GlaxoSmithKline

Jens Feddern, Head Vertical Market Life Sciences Siemens

Becky Upton, Consultant,  Pistoia Alliance

Gerd Voith , Chairman, SAVIDA AG 




Automation in the lab: what should and shouldn't be automated?


Wednesday, 22nd July




Patrick Courtney, Board Member, SiLA Consortium

Darryl Davies, Head of Biophysical Research and Analytical Development, Janssen

Felix Lenk, Head of SmartLab-systems, Dresden University

Joshua Bishop, Head of Digital Laboratory, Merck

David Chang-Yen, Principal Scientist, Abbvie