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Thank you for expressing interest in the Start-Up Zone at Future Labs Live, but unfortunately the Zone is now currently full.

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Future Labs LIVE in collaboration with 5-HT is announcing the establishment of the Lab Visionary Prize which will be awarded at the upcoming edition of the congress in Basel on June 8th. All registered start-ups will automatically be entered into the competition with the chance to win a free 6sqm booth at the 2023 edition of the conference + marketing promotion provided by 5-HT.  

What does the prize aim to recognise? 
The aim of the Future Labs LIVE congress is to provide a platform for industry disruptors to come together an demonstrate how change can speed up the transformation underpinning the lab environment. Because of this, the Lab Visionary Prize will reward that company which isn’t afraid to rethink how science is executed through the deployment of technology.  

How will the winner be selected? 
On June 7th all start-ups will deliver their pitches during the morning (10:25-11:25) and afternoon (16:00-16:40) networking breaks. A judging panel will be present and listening out to how each company aims to transform lab operations. At the end of the day the judges will decide which four star-ups progress onto the next day’s pitches. 

Pitches on June 8th will take place between 11:30-12:30. The format will be an extended 10-minute pitch which should not repeat that which was presented the previous day but seek to answers the following question s: 

What is the value you are offering?  

How can I integrate your product in an established corporate IT environment? How does your product(s) enable us to unlock more value out of our existing environment? 

Are you running any pilot projects? If so, can you share this? Has the pilot been a success if so why/why not?    

Additional points of interest are: 

What is your strategy for growth and long term success?    

With which established companies in the chemical & robotics space are you already working?  Both consumers and suppliers. Describe briefly the nature of the relationship. 

How can you address multinational companies?  Briefly touch on the pre-sales and post-sales setup to support your customers from the solution design to the day-to-day running on a worldwide scale. 



Frederick Francois Chesneau
Manager Laboratory Work place Automation - Digital Laboratory

Lisa Tschalenko
Ecosystem Manager Digital Health & Pharma


Patrick Courtney
Board Member

SiLA & Leader Laboratory Robotics working group in euRobotics 

Future Labs Live 2022