Lab Sustainability Track


Day 2 Sustainability in the Lab (Room Samarkand), Wednesday 8 June 2022

Panel discussion

The sustainable lab is the lab of the future – what are the business drivers behind this shift and why does it matter?

  • Considering how sustainability in R&D is critical to future business success
  • Outlining how achieving sustainability in the lab requires a comprehensive lab of the future strategy: process, data, environment and new technology
  • Recognising the value of this alignment of sustainability, productivity and innovation and what it means for those who adopt it
Panel discussion

Lab Visionary Award

  • The Lab Visionary Prize will reward that company which isn’t afraid to rethink how science is executed through the deployment of technology.
  • Judges will be looking out for:
    • What is the value each start-up isoffering?
    • How can theyintegrate products in an established corporate IT environment? How do these enable them to unlock more value out of their existing environment?
    • Are they running any pilot projects? If so, can you share this? Has the pilot been a success if so why/why not?
Carlo Battisti
Day 2 Sustainability in the Lab (Room Samarkand)

Chairs opening remarks

Raj Patey
Day 2 Sustainability in the Lab (Room Samarkand)

Building a Global Culture of Sustainability in Science

  • Will talk about the global growth of the Green Lab movement, My Green Lab's vision for the industry and alignment with UN race to zero campaign.
  • This will also set the stage for the panel conversation that shows how My Green Lab works at both end of the market.
Panel discussion
Day 2 Sustainability in the Lab (Room Samarkand)

Digitalization on the critical path to net-zero

Adam Dropkin, Senior Manager of Operations, Fulcrum Therapeutics
Panel discussion

Delivering the science of the future through people, data, space & technology

  • Ensuring labs are designed and optimised to make the most of those working in it
  • Building an infrastructure which can handle and maximise increasing data points to get better results
  • Structuring processes so these are optimised to speed up development
  • Considering how changes in science impact spaces and technologies
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