Keynote (Room Sydney), Tuesday 7 June 2022

Hal Stern

How do you build a digital ecosystem with multiple participants which enables interoperability, achieves scale, and drives innovation?

  • Outlining the main drivers spearheading the digital transformation in R&D
  • Building an architecture both internally and alongside partners to foster collaboration and deploy advances across the value chain: from discovery to commercial
  • Designing a system which is impactful, intuitive, connected, and intelligent to then reveal new connections, drive better decisions, enabling and creating new approaches to discovery
Panel discussion

The concept ‘lab of the future’ is not new, so why does this vision elude us?

  • Increasing collaboration of all stakeholders and disciplines: instead of silos we needto build bridges to interact
  • Practically applying digitalization: we need to get to know the digital tools and possibilities available for scientists and we need to learn how to apply them for our lab of the future
  • Manage the change professionally: change causes resistant as a natural reaction, so we need to pay attention and action for professional change management
  • Do not try to define your lab of the future at the micro-level but establish a robust and flexible ecosystem, that can be adapted continuedly to your needs
Rob Howes

Building the Lab of the Future during a pandemic

  • Challenges and opportunities presented throughout the pandemic
  • Fostering a culture of collaborations across competitors towards a common goal
  • Did we apply the principles of the lab of the future when creating the mega-lab?
Baschi Dürr

uptown Basel - drinks reception

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Keynote (Room Sydney), Wednesday 8 June 2022

Panel discussion

The sustainable lab is the lab of the future – what are the business drivers behind this shift and why does it matter?

  • Considering how sustainability in R&D is critical to future business success
  • Outlining how achieving sustainability in the lab requires a comprehensive lab of the future strategy: process, data, environment and new technology
  • Recognising the value of this alignment of sustainability, productivity and innovation and what it means for those who adopt it
Panel discussion

Lab Visionary Award

  • The Lab Visionary Prize will reward that company which isn’t afraid to rethink how science is executed through the deployment of technology.
  • Judges will be looking out for:
    • What is the value each start-up isoffering?
    • How can theyintegrate products in an established corporate IT environment? How do these enable them to unlock more value out of their existing environment?
    • Are they running any pilot projects? If so, can you share this? Has the pilot been a success if so why/why not?

Delivering the science of the future through people, data, space & technology

  • Ensuring labs are designed and optimised to make the most of those working in it
  • Building an infrastructure which can handle and maximise increasing data points to get better results
  • Structuring processes so these are optimised to speed up development
  • Considering how changes in science impact spaces and technologies
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