Digital Transformation Track


Day 1 Digital Transformation (Room Sydney), Tuesday 7 June 2022

Hal Stern

How do you build a digital ecosystem with multiple participants which enables interoperability, achieves scale, and drives innovation?

  • Outlining the main drivers spearheading the digital transformation in R&D
  • Building an architecture both internally and alongside partners to foster collaboration and deploy advances across the value chain: from discovery to commercial
  • Designing a system which is impactful, intuitive, connected, and intelligent to then reveal new connections, drive better decisions, enabling and creating new approaches to discovery
Panel discussion

The concept ‘lab of the future’ is not new, so why does this vision elude us?

  • Increasing collaboration of all stakeholders and disciplines: instead of silos we needto build bridges to interact
  • Practically applying digitalization: we need to get to know the digital tools and possibilities available for scientists and we need to learn how to apply them for our lab of the future
  • Manage the change professionally: change causes resistant as a natural reaction, so we need to pay attention and action for professional change management
  • Do not try to define your lab of the future at the micro-level but establish a robust and flexible ecosystem, that can be adapted continuedly to your needs
Vincent Revol
Day 1 Digital Transformation (Room Sydney)

Chairs opening remarks

Vasu Rangadass
Day 1 Digital Transformation (Room Sydney)

Digital Transformation: a unified data model for data intelligence for scientific enterprises

Simon Bungers
Day 1 Digital Transformation (Room Sydney)

Three tales from the digital lab: “Connectivity from ground zero”, “The data flood” and (unfortunately): “The Data Robbers”

Rouan Tulloch
Day 1 Digital Transformation (Room Sydney)

A step-by-step guide to simplifying user experience in lab to achieve new tech adoption

Vincent Revol
Day 1 Digital Transformation (Room Sydney)

Chairs opening remarks

Samantha Kanza
Day 1 Digital Transformation (Room Sydney)

The effects of COVID-19 on the digitisation of scientific research

  • COVID-19 turned our world upside down, but what long term impact did it have on our scientific research?
  • The (still somewhat lacking) digitisation of scientific research has long been an issue, with the world progressing to hybrid working,zoom meetings and conducting scientific research from anywhere with an internet connection, our teaminvestigated how the currentlandscape ofthedigitisation ofscientificresearch has changed since COVID-19, comparing the results to those of 4 years ago when the world was a very different place.
  • This presentation looks at the historicissues relatingto the digitisation of scientific research, provides an analysis on what has changed, and discusses the current barriers and issues that still remain.
  • As part of the workconducted on the Physical Sciences Data Infrastructure Pilot Project, we have laid out a plan forimproving the digitisation of scientific research moving forward, considering thehardware, software, and social aspects that need to beconsidered
Mike Tarselli
Day 1 Digital Transformation (Room Sydney)

Cloud replatforming makes scientific data actionable

Scientific data have exploded in volume, complexity, and diversity of sources. Data management and integration solutions have failed to keep pace. To truly unlock the value of your scientific data you need a purpose-built, vendor-agnostic scientific data cloud. Break down silos and enable actionable insights in minutes to hours versus weeks to months by ensuring that your data are FAIR and future-proofed. Join us for an engaging discussion while enjoying a delicious meal.
Paul Denny-Gouldson
Day 1 Digital Transformation (Room Sydney)

Running a lab on the cloud; challenges and opportunities in adopting this model of R&D

Panel discussion
Day 1 Digital Transformation (Room Sydney)

How User experience leads to success in life-science laboratories!”

  • What tools are available to me to make my lab ecosystem user-centered and user-friendly?
  • How can usability testing be useful as a method of the user-centered design process?
  • What are the benefits of redesigning to meet the needs of end users - for decision makers and manufacturers?
  • What is the ROI in user-centered product development?
Vincent Revol
Day 1 Digital Transformation (Room Sydney)

Chairs opening remarks

Rob Howes

Building the Lab of the Future during a pandemic

  • Challenges and opportunities presented throughout the pandemic
  • Fostering a culture of collaborations across competitors towards a common goal
  • Did we apply the principles of the lab of the future when creating the mega-lab?
Baschi Dürr

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