Data Management, Standards & Analytics Track


Data Management, Standards & Analytics (Room Osaka), Tuesday 7 June 2022

Hal Stern

How do you build a digital ecosystem with multiple participants which enables interoperability, achieves scale, and drives innovation?

  • Outlining the main drivers spearheading the digital transformation in R&D
  • Building an architecture both internally and alongside partners to foster collaboration and deploy advances across the value chain: from discovery to commercial
  • Designing a system which is impactful, intuitive, connected, and intelligent to then reveal new connections, drive better decisions, enabling and creating new approaches to discovery
Panel discussion

The concept ‘lab of the future’ is not new, so why does this vision elude us?

  • Increasing collaboration of all stakeholders and disciplines: instead of silos we needto build bridges to interact
  • Practically applying digitalization: we need to get to know the digital tools and possibilities available for scientists and we need to learn how to apply them for our lab of the future
  • Manage the change professionally: change causes resistant as a natural reaction, so we need to pay attention and action for professional change management
  • Do not try to define your lab of the future at the micro-level but establish a robust and flexible ecosystem, that can be adapted continuedly to your needs
Burkhard Schaefer
Data Management, Standards & Analytics (Room Osaka)

Chairs opening remarks

Matthias Schuh
Data Management, Standards & Analytics (Room Osaka)

Best of breed needs standardization - with LADS to the integrated laboratory

Sridhar Iyengar
Data Management, Standards & Analytics (Room Osaka)

Beyond results - how scientific metadata will influence labs of the future

  • What is scientific metadata and how does it impact laboratory operations?
  • What insights can be drawn from scientific metadata to drive operational excellence in labs of the future?
  • Examples of how analysis of scientific metadata has helped explain questionable data and saved time and money in the process.
Burkhard Schaefer
Data Management, Standards & Analytics (Room Osaka)

AnIML standards update

Alexandra Smith
Data Management, Standards & Analytics (Room Osaka)

Unilever Case Study Using SiLA & AnIML

  • Why Unilever Is Using Standards
  • High Throughput Rheometer Integration Case Study
  • Our Experience So Far
Burkhard Schaefer
Data Management, Standards & Analytics (Room Osaka)

Chairs opening remarks

Felipe Albrecht
Data Management, Standards & Analytics (Room Osaka)

Strategies for implementing an Analytical Data FAIR system in Pharma Research

Toby Winchester
Data Management, Standards & Analytics (Room Osaka)

Manual Sample Tracking using existing Lab 4.0 Technologies

  • Manual processes are weak links in the chain of data integrity that laboratories are working to build
  • Essential resources like manual stores and lab benches have poor sample traceability
  • Automatic sample tracking improves data integrity, traceability, efficiency and regulatory compliance
  • Today's Lab 4.0 technologies provide easy and affordable tracking for manual locations
Wolfgang Fecke
Data Management, Standards & Analytics (Room Osaka)

EU-OPENSCREEN as a collaborative platform for access to chemical biology resources and data

Ina Schiering
Data Management, Standards & Analytics (Room Osaka)

Embedding cybersecurity at the core of your business to minimise threats

Axel Wilbertz
Data Management, Standards & Analytics (Room Osaka)

FAIR is crucial to your organisations data strategy, but is it enough?

Arndt Finkelmann
Data Management, Standards & Analytics (Room Osaka)

Digital Chemistry at Syngenta From academic labs to industrial applications

  • Digital transformation in crop protection chemical research: data as driver
  • A digital platform to consistently capture and model all data related to chemical synthesis
  • Bringing recent developments into daily operations: synthesizability is key
Rob Howes

Building the Lab of the Future during a pandemic

  • Challenges and opportunities presented throughout the pandemic
  • Fostering a culture of collaborations across competitors towards a common goal
  • Did we apply the principles of the lab of the future when creating the mega-lab?
Baschi Dürr

uptown Basel - drinks reception

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