Martin Akerman, Chief Technology Officer, Envisagenics

Evan Anderson, Tech Lead – Data Architect, TetraScience

Katherine Bowers, Associate Principal Scientist, Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies

Katherine Bowers | Associate Principal Scientist | Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies » speaking at Future Labs

James Connelly, CEO, My Green Lab

Patrick Courtney, Advisory Board Member, SiLA Consortium

Mikhael Danan, Director, Clinical and R&D Systems, Deciphera Pharmaceuticals Llc

Mikhael Danan | Director, Clinical and R&D Systems | Deciphera Pharmaceuticals Llc » speaking at Future Labs

Niraj Dangoria, Associate Dean of Facilities Planning & Management, Stanford University School of Medicine (USA)

Niraj Dangoria | Associate Dean of Facilities Planning & Management | Stanford University School of Medicine (USA) » speaking at Future Labs

Paul Denny-Gouldson, Principal Consultant, Zifo RnD Solutions

Paul Denny-Gouldson | Principal Consultant | Zifo RnD Solutions » speaking at Future Labs

Stevan Djuric, Adjunct Professor, The University of Kansas

Jeff Fill, Senior Director, Diagnostic and Experimental Pathology, Eli Lilly and Company

Jeff Fill | Senior Director, Diagnostic and Experimental Pathology | Eli Lilly and Company » speaking at Future Labs

Geoff Gerhardt, CTO, Scitara Corporation

Sasker Grootjans, Manager, New Medicines, Information Technology And Project, Ucb

Scott Hanton, Editorial Director, Lab Manager

Reed Jacob, Computational Biochemist, UPL

Reed Jacob | Computational Biochemist | UPL » speaking at Future Labs

Michelle Jasper, Laboratory Director, Svl Analytical

Sujeegar Jeevanandam, Principal Consultant, Zifo RnD Solutions

Sujeegar Jeevanandam | Principal Consultant | Zifo RnD Solutions » speaking at Future Labs

Shahar Keinan, CEO & Co-Founder, PolarisQB

Carleen Klumpp-Thomas, Head Of Automation, National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences

Carleen Klumpp-Thomas | Head Of Automation | National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences » speaking at Future Labs

Jacob Lee, CEO & Co-Founder, Genemod

Jacob Lee | CEO & Co-Founder | Genemod » speaking at Future Labs

Sam Lemonick, Science Reporter, Chemical and Engineering News

Andre Lowe, Lab Manager, ViiV Healthcare/GSK

Pek Lum, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Auransa

Jeffrey Mackay, Vice President – Facilities & Real Estate, Foundation Medicine

Melissa Martinez, Automation Scientist, Precision BioSciences

Amit Mathur, VP and Head of Information Technology, ElevateBio

Mark McCord-Amasis, VP Real Estate & Facilities, Seagen

Todd McEvoy, General Manager, Intertek

Sam Michael, Director, Automation And Compound Management, NIH - NCATS

Sam Michael | Director, Automation And Compound Management | NIH - NCATS » speaking at Future Labs

Kimberly Moore Honrine, Manager Labs, PPD Inc.

Jeremy Munn, AIA, LEED AP, Program Director / Lecturer, Northeastern University

Tuyen Nguyen, Senior Scientist, Lab Automation Specialist, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Tuyen Nguyen | Senior Scientist, Lab Automation Specialist | Alnylam Pharmaceuticals » speaking at Future Labs

Cindy Novak-Delaurell, Senior Manager, Lab Computing Systems, Bristol Myers Squibb

Evelyne Ploquin, Supporting Member, SiLA Consortium

Andrew Punnoose, Senior Automation Engineer, Gingko Bioworks

Andrew Punnoose | Senior Automation Engineer | Gingko Bioworks » speaking at Future Labs

Kartik Raj Konnaiyan, Tolmar Inc

Arvind Ramakrishnan, Director – Lab Automation, Catalent Pharma Solutions

Rikke Rasmussen, Laboratory Automation Engineer, Pivot Bio

Matt Robinson, ROS-Industrial Consortium Americas Program Manager, Southwest Research Institute

Stephanie Robinson, Business Development Manager, My Green Lab

Stephanie Robinson | Business Development Manager | My Green Lab » speaking at Future Labs

Jim Seery, Global QC Business Process Owner, AstraZeneca

Cindy Shea, Founding Director, Sustainability Office, UNC Chapel Hill

Cindy Shea | Founding Director, Sustainability Office | UNC Chapel Hill » speaking at Future Labs

Andreas Steinle, Digital Solutions – Pharma Technical Development Europe, Roche Diagnostics Gmbh

Hal Stern, VP & CIO, Pharmaceutical R&D, Johnson & Johnson

Ryan Sullivan, Associate Director, Learning Analytics, PPD

Ryan Sullivan | Associate Director, Learning Analytics | PPD » speaking at Future Labs

Michael Tarselli, CSO, TetraScience

Dale Thomas, Cofounder, Mytide Therapeutics

Dale Thomas | Cofounder | Mytide Therapeutics » speaking at Future Labs

John Wickswo, Professor, Vanderbilt University

John Wickswo | Professor | Vanderbilt University » speaking at Future Labs


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