Sphere Fluidics Ltd


Sphere Fluidics is an established Life Sciences company providing single cell analysis and monoclonality assurance systems for biotherapeutic discovery and development.

Sphere Fluidics’ Cyto-Mine®, is a fully integrated device which can accelerate biologics discovery and cell line development by streamlining cell isolation, assay, sorting, imaging and dispensing into one automated process which reduces timelines, increases screening capabilities and assures monoclonality.

Cyto-Mine®, underpinned by the Company’s patented picodroplet technology, integrates selective screening of tens of millions of single cells in miniaturised aqueous pL compartments called picodroplets. Within the picodroplets, single cells are assayed to identify valuable proteins (e.g. antibodies) to find rare cells of interest or cells with high productivity. Cyto-Mine® can selectively sort the “hits” and during subsequent dispensing into individual microtitre plate wells, image the picodroplets for assurance of monoclonality.

Cyto-Mine® provides a solution to resource-intensive, time-consuming and expensive workflows by streamlining cell isolation, titre determination and clonality assurance while reducing costs for biopharmaceutical discovery and development. Using picodroplet microfluidic technology, Sphere Fluidics is developing a novel system that will automate and miniaturise many of the steps in the single cell engineering using synthetic biology or genome editing, to enhance the generation of high-quality precision engineered cells in a high-throughput manner.

Sphere Fluidics has 32 employees based in labs and offices in Babraham (Cambridgeshire, UK) and Monmouth Junction (New Jersey, USA) and has signed international distributorships in all other major markets. 



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