Pierre Fabre


Monoclonal antibodies, ADC, small biological molecules

The manufacture of pharmaceutical injectable products is a major focus of the Pierre Fabre CDMO offering. For almost thirty years now, Pierre Fabre has proposed its development and production capabilities for (pre-) clinical trials and commercial drugs. Thanks to this experience, the Pierre Fabre CDMO offer has just been extended to the development and production of monoclonal antibodies and ADC.

Since 1991, the manufacturing plant located near Pau (Nouvelle Aquitaine, France) has been offering Pierre Fabre CDMO's customers the outsourcing of injectable products (cytotoxic agents, monoclonal antibodies, ADC, vaccines, ...) using either an aseptic process or terminal sterilization. The workshops at the Pau plant have two syringe filling lines (0.5 to 10 ml), eight vial filling lines (1 to 40 ml) and six freeze-dryers offering the possibility of producing batches of 10,000 to 200,000 vials per manufacturing line. The four conventional workshops (A/B filling), the two workshops equipped with RABS and the four workshops equipped with isolators allow all operations to be carried out from filling to capping. The loading and unloading of freeze-dryers is done automatically and Pierre Fabre CDMO proposes a preparation in total or partial aseptic conditions.

The visual inspection is mainly performed manually and guarantees the highest quality of the finished products. This quality level is rewarded by the certification of the Pau plant by numerous worldwide authorities including EMA, FDA, PMDA and ANVISA. With nearly 30 years of experience Pierre Fabre CDMO is able to provide its partners with one of the best worldwide expertise in the manufacture of highly active molecules in vials, liquid or freeze-dried form, or in syringes.

Pierre Fabre Immunology Center was built in 1990 in Saint-Julien-en-Genevois (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France). This structure is currently producing its two own antibodies at a clinical stage and has been offering an independent activity of development and production of proteins, monoclonal antibodies and ADC (antibody drug conjugate) since 2018. Technical experts operating at St Julien are recognised by the worldwide scientific community and offer Pierre Fabre CDMO's partners all the steps from the MCB generation to the production of antibodies and drug/payload coupling in very competitive deadlines. The Saint-Julien center offers capabilities to produce clinical batches in GMP conditions up to 2,000 liters and up to 100 liters for ADC batches. The technical expertise and technology available at Pierre Fabre CDMO through its Saint-Julien plant offers its customers the guarantee of a high-quality product with very competitive development deadlines and costs in a highly competitive context. 



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