N.B. Health Laboratory Co Ltd


NB Health Laboratory Co. Ltd. (NBHL) is a Japanese biotechnology company dedicated to discovering and developing innovative medicines to treat respiratory diseases, chronic inflammation and central nervous system disorders. NBHL has expertise in the generation of functional antibodies targeting G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) and is pioneering a new field in GPCR-targeted drug discovery to benefit human health.
 NBHL established MoGRAA® (Modification of G-protein coupled Receptor Activation with monoclonal Antibody) discovery engine. Using this technology, we has been exploring promising lead mAbs targeting GPCRs for fibrosis, infection, ocular and immune-oncology which are attractive for pharmaceuticals. MoGRAA® discovery engine includes proprietary DNA immunization, a single cell analysis technique and CDRxTM for humanization platform to generate functional humanized mAbs for the challenging GPCR targets with high specificity. A unique optofluidic-based single cell handling system, which has various potential applications for the screening of mAb targeting membrane proteins, is introduced to the discovery engine as a single cell analysis technique.

NBHL is open to discussing the internal drug discovery programs with pharmaceutical partners and will be seeking partners for clinical development and commercialization. We also are looking for pharmaceutical companies and biotech companies globally, which have interest in using MoGRAA® discovery engine for mAbs targeting GPCRs as part of a therapeutic mAb discovery program.



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