NanoTemper Technologies GmbH – Affinity. Kinetics. Stability.

NanoTemper Technologies is a high-tech company that develops, produces and markets technologies and instruments for biomolecular analytics from basic to pre-clinical research. The company stands for strong commitment to quality and high precision instrumentation made in Germany.

One of NanoTemper’s innovative and proprietary technologies is nanoDSF, an advanced Differential Scanning Fluorimetry method applied in the Prometheus NT.48, for measuring ultra-high resolution protein stability using intrinsic tryptophan fluorescence.

Applications include:

  • Antibody engineering
  • Formulation 
  • Quality control

By detecting changes in the fluorescence of the amino acid tryptophan or tyrosine, thermal and chemical stability is assessed in a truly label-free approach. Since the ultra-high resolution of unfolding curves is not compromised by aggregation, nanoDSF allows the detection of multiple, and even minute unfolding signals. No secondary reporter fluorophores are required, thus protein solutions can be analyzed with a high dynamic protein concentration range from more than 200 mg/ml down to 5 μg/ml. This enables the analysis of samples in early development stages as well as highly concentrated and viscous antibody formulations.

Benefits of nanoDSF:

  • See more transitions with high-resolution data
  • Generate high-quality unfolding curves not compromised by aggregation
  • Measure concentrations from 5 μg/ml to > 200 mg/ml in a single run
  • Benefit from dye-free conditions, buffer & detergent independency 


Festibval of Biologics


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