iMAb is a CRO providing an innovative phage display platform & expert services to supply human monoclonal antibody leads to biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies. iMAb is a spin-off of Inserm and provides cutting edge know-how and services.

Our technology is focused on antibody functionality & developability using proprietary computer-designed synthetic human libraries optimized for expression, stability and affinity to deliver antibodies with the required characteristics, and ready for next development steps.

Besides the libraries, owing to the flexibility of the in vitro display technology, our system allows for cumulative customer requirements, combining multiple requests such as: target specificity, post-translational modification specificity, species cross reactivity (multi-species Fc’s can be easily fused to the antibody of interest), agonist, enzyme inhibitor, epitope-specific, post-translational modification specific... irrespective of the target format or medium (protein, cell, peptide).
Our technology is validated with a 100% delivery track record in more than 30 programs including GPCRs, agonists, enzyme inhibitors, anti-splicing-variants, anti-post-translational modifications, anti-receptor tyrosine kinases, anti-ligands (many selected cross-reactive human/mouse).



There are two parts to the Festival of Biologics: four conferences covering Antibodies, Immunotherapy, Biosimilars and Clinical Trials and an exhibition featuring solutions for pharma and biotech.

There is a registration fee to attend the conferences. To visit the exhibition is free.