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genOway has developed a unique platform of off-the-shelf preclinical models for profiling of immune targeting agents in Immuno-Oncology and Immuno-Inflammation. These models enable the evaluation of biologics in a context of well calibrated syngeneic tumors (h- VISTA, hPD-1, hCTLA-4, hCD28, hGITR, h4-1BB, hTIM-3/hPD-1, etc.) or the use of xenograft tumors (Human Immune System mice, BRGSF background).

Moreover, the company offers access to 2000 models of target validation and compound specificity assessment. We also have a catalog of ready-to-use mouse models for studies in immunology and inflammation (humanized IgE/FcεRI, humanized TNFαetc.) as well as for pharmacology studies with our double humanized HSA/hFcRn mouse.

All models are provided with the necessary freedom to operate: genOway holds exclusive IP on key technologies, such as the knock-in and the CRISPR/Cas9.

After 20 years of interaction with 17 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies, numerous renowned biotech companies and most of the top academic institutions worldwide, the genOway has gathered a tremendous experience in preclinical model development.


Festibval of Biologics


There are two parts to the Festival of Biologics: three conferences covering Antibodies, Immunotherapy, Biosimilars and an exhibition featuring solutions for pharma and biotech.